How to Decorate Your House for a Successful House Party



Throwing a party at home is the best way to get together with friends, have a chat, enjoy great food, beverages and have fun. However, organizing a party entails a lot of things, and decorations are part of the deal. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your house so that your next party is guaranteed to be a blast.


Should your party have a theme?


Depending on the time of the year when you are hosting the party, a good idea would be to have a theme for your party. Even if there are no special events, such as the Halloween or winter celebrations, you can still think of your party as a themed one. Usually these ones are a lot of fun, and you can think of decorations depending on the theme of your choosing. You can make your house look like a land of fantasy or go for a black and white theme. No matter what you choose, stay true to your theme and your guests will be impressed.


Decorations do not have to be expensive


One of the common mistakes many people make when they plan a house party is to spend too much on decorations. Instead of aiming for spending a lot, aim for choosing those decorations that will truly bring out the spirit of your party. Especially if it is a theme party, the decorations should reflect that. Do not overdo it either; if there are too many decoration hanging from the walls, the windows, the furniture, the ceiling lamp, and whatnot, the place will soon look cramped and inhospitable, so do not make this mistake.


Balloons and streamers always work


In case you do not want to over complicate things and go on the well beaten path, do not forget that nothing spells house party better than balloons and streamers. The more colorful, the better, but remember to place them strategically to convey the party spirit.


Play with lighting


The way the room where the party is being held or the entire house is illuminated can play a major role in successful decorating your home. Think torches, dim lights or anything in between ideal for creating a party like atmosphere. If you do not want to invest a lot in new lighting fixture, just cover your lights with tissue paper, to make the light appear more diffuse, or get a few color bulbs, to make everything look like in a fairy tale.

Champagne & Quesadillas


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Although it was back in the Winter, I’ve wanted to do a post on one of the most amazing dining experiences I’ve ever had.  Because it was exactly that, not just a fancy meal, but an all out, no-holds-barred experience that I feel lucky to have been invited to.
My boyfriend Olivier managed to score 2 tickets to visionary chef Grant Achatz’s restaurant Next.  The thing that makes Next so unique, aside from its insanely inspired food, is that it is redone every 3 months to become a completely different restaurant.  New theme, new menu, new decor, everything. And considering we were given 2 tickets (sold online only) in a restaurant that seats 62 people a night and had 6,000+ on the waiting list at the time, scored is an understatement.  So, always having wanted to go to Chicago, we booked flights and a night at The James hotel, and away we went.  Below are some highlights outside of dinner at Next in our 30 hour stint in the windy city.
Along with the tickets at Next, we were booked a reservation atAviary, the cocktail bar next door.  The bartenders are trained as chefs here, producing cocktails with an emphasis on food, being produce, spices, herbs, etc.  Not only were the cocktails creative, original, and delicious, but the presentation of each one was beautiful.  After cocktails, we were escorted through a curtained doorway into Next.  I felt like we were entering Alice’s Wonderland of the food world.
I’m not going to get into the exacts of the food, it would take me forever considering there were 28 (!) courses.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it, and hit a lull around course 20, but I did all of it.

Not to worry, most were just a bite, or foam, or ice.  It was like the greatest hits of El Bulli.  Most of it I loved, and a few I didn’t.  But I can say that I was never bored, was constantly inspired, and enjoyed every single minute of it.  I can also say that the option of the mixed pairing which included sake, wine, beer, & sherry was an awesome alternative to the traditional wine pairing, although it made for a wicked case of the giggles around course 16 or so.  It felt more like going to a dinner theater than a restaurant, all the way from the service, the food, the catalogued menu, the tour of the kitchen, and even being given our expo ticket (which tracked our service individually down to the minute from the time we sat down.)  Would I fly to another state for 1 night for a dinner again?  If it was anything like my experiences at Next, absolutely.