Hosting the best home parties

Home party

Hosting a party at home may seem like hard work for many, but not if you do a little planning in advance. Making a list of guests and cleaning the house are important chores, but when it comes to serving food, do not hurry to picture yourself toiling in the kitchen all day long. A few clever ideas can take you a long way, and I will share them with you right away.

Tiny treats

Mini pizzasIt may not be so easy to keep your guests excited all the time and being a host takes more than just personal charm. Yet, you can unload the heavy burden from your shoulders if you know how to entice your guests with some tiny treats that will excite the senses and keep them going for more. Think of mini-pizzas, tapas and other Spanish inspired dishes, just to get you started. The tiny bits will melt in everyone’s mouth and create the best setup for a successful party.

Cook it yourself

For this you definitely need some kitchen tools. The host often sees herself or himself as being the only one who has to cook or serve. But you should not push yourself in a corner with this type of attitude. Actually, many people enjoy putting together their own meals and they love getting involved in the process of preparing food. A great idea is to get a raclette grill,raclette the type intended for parties that can accommodate 8 people around it with ease. The guests will instantly take a liking at the unique grill that lets them enjoy fondue and cook their own meats and veggies. What you should focus on is to always have enough ingredients to keep your guests happy, well fed and busy.

While searching for ideas on how to use this type of appliance, I stumbled upon a website called Kitchenettejen. They offer educated advices regarding the best raclette grill or how to choose a good quesadilla maker. There are many ideas for raclette grill recipes there and loads of tips on how to use the appliance, and it helped me a great deal with the parties I have hosted at home ever since.

The best centerpiece: a chocolate fountain

chocoAnother appliance you should get if you want to spend less time in the kitchen while having your guests entertained is a chocolate fountain. Besides making for an exquisite centerpiece, a chocolate fountain offers endless possibilities. Just like with raclette grills, make sure there are plenty of crackers, fruits and other foods that can be combined with chocolate for a delightful taste. I have found plenty of hot ideas on how to use my chocolate fountain on the website mentioned above, and I suggest you try it, too, so you can host a successful party with minimum effort.

Go for memorable cocktails

Going for a full bar is so yesterday’s news. If you want to host a party at home and make it a real success, skip the full bar and go for a single cocktail, but one that is so exquisite and sophisticated and unique that your guests will commend you on it. Mixed with the recommendations listed above, your signature cocktail will make your party one to remember.


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