How to Prepare Your Garden for the Summer


Getting your garden ready for the summer may sound like a daunting task, especially since spring is still here. However, from my experience, I know that now it is just the right time for sprucing up your little corner of heaven on earth. Before you start dreaming about how you will organize some really great picnics in your summer garden, let me share with you a few things I have tried in the past and I know they work just fine.

Time to get your hands dirty

Sprucing up for the summer unfortunately includes some dirty work. I usually roll up my sleeves, I take a deep breath and start working. My garden is usually full of twigs, dead leaves and debris that I do not even know where it comes from. My goal, at first, is to have my garden all cleared up for the summer, and that means, no matter how much I dislike it, to get my hands dirty. Don’t worry, after a short while, you will not even notice, and the satisfaction of having a clean garden is second to none.

Dig up the weeds

I use trowels for small weeds, but in case you have to deal with some stubborn one, first dog a small hole around them, so you can pull them together with the roots from the ground. Just cutting them won’t cut it – pun intended – because they will just grow and grow and grow.

Fertilize – the rule of a bountiful garden

The soil has suffered through a lot, going through the cold winter and the rainy spring. It is up to you to restore the former glory of your garden. Get some fertilizer for your garden, and even some manure. The soil really needs plenty of rejuvenation after being put through so much trouble throughout the previous seasons. Use a pitchfork and a spade to work the manure and the fertilizer into the soil. Your goal is to have it penetrate the upper layers so that it can reach inside, where the succulent roots of the plants you want to grow will start feeding.

Limit the borders of your garden

It is also a good time to shape up your garden a little. Especially if you want to garden to stand out as a unique place, it doesn’t hurt to have some borders in place. Sharp lines will make your garden look manicured and well kept and you will absolutely love the way it looks.
I hope you will enjoy a perfect summer in your garden this year!

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