The Best Desserts for Your Home Party

In the last posts, we talked about different ways of serving brunch, organizing a shower party and gathering everything needed for a birthday celebration. Today, I want to share some great dessert ideas that you can use for your home party, in order to impress your guests and have them coming back for more. Now, here are really nice desserts that you simply cannot go wrong with.


Pie pops

pie pops

I personally think that the best desserts for home party are bite size ones. Everyone loves them, kids and adults alike, and they can make any party filled with excitement. One idea I like and I often use, especially when I have kids among the guests, is to make plenty of pie pops. They are like regular pops on sticks, but they are made of pie and they are filled with delicious ingredients. So, instead of serving slices of pie like anyone else you know, you can put a spin on this classic dessert and make small pops of pie filled with the ingredient you like best and enjoy how everyone is having a good time indulging in them.


Mocha mousse

mocha mouse with berries

Who doesn’t love mousse? The creamy texture, the delicious taste and a bit of fun presentation make mousse a no brainer when you want to pick the best dessert recipes for your home party. What you have to do for this recipe is to prepare the milk and the chocolate in a saucepan at medium heat and then process the mixture with the blender. And while this mousse recipe is very easy and you most probably know it, what you may want to hear is how to decorate each glass, so that your guests really enjoy your party.

Here is a thing I do: I take bits of fruits, preferably berries and I add them on top on the mousse, along with a bit of whip cream. The colorful ensemble is a smash hit with my guests each and every time!


Chocolate cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes

What can be more fitting for a party than a bunch of chocolate cupcakes? If you really want to turn this dessert around and make it a brilliant choice for your home party, add a little twist. Place a mint candy on top of each cupcake and offer them to your guests.




Bite size desserts are the best, as I said before, so here is another quick idea: profiteroles! Small creamy puffs that are a delight for anyone, profiteroles can be decorated with anything you like best, from whip cream to liquid chocolate.


Have a blast at your next home party!

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